Hello from the President

A quick hello from your LHC President

November 2022

Message from the President – Julie Fewings

This season has thrown some new challenges our way at LHC, not forgetting the financial increases the Sports Club face which has had a knock on effect to all the member clubs and continues to do so.
Ian Hammond has worked extremely hard managing and negotiating the rising bills which has eased the pressure for us and the other.
However as you know we are still in the middle of this financial crisis and we can all do our best to help. Putting money behind the bar, increase social events at the club,
fund raising, Save electric – switch off those lights!!!!
The Sports Club are looking at other money saving initiatives to do with flood lights and generators etc and if you have any thoughts or ideas please let us know.

On a lighter note what a great season so far, Rich has been at the helm of a fairly new committee who have been enthusiastic and have worked so hard introducing new ideas and keeping us all playing the game we love.
Gabi has kept us in the loop with her increased social media presence and Charlotte has been chasing us down for our DBS checks (I wouldn’t argue with her either).

Well done to every single one of you – I will say it again – there are no magical fairies sorting your games, pitch, equipment etc – just hard-working volunteers.

Julie Fewings