Club Kit & Membership

General Notes


Players are requested to inform their team or club captain of their availability for matches. Please give as much notice as possible if you are unavailable. Where you have not been available the previous week(s) & you have not heard about being selected for the next game by Wednesday evening please contact your team or club captain. Mistakes do happen & people are sometimes forgotten.


Always assume that your game is being played, but in the event of a game being possibly postponed due to bad weather, please contact your team captain.


All kit & training gear are available from The Sports District, 1-2 Hermitage Rd, Hitchin SG5 1LS


Shirts have been provided to existing members, new players are expected to purchase their own club kit. Players should bring a spare white shirt and a pair of navy blue socks to all matches in case of any colour clashes.

Some goalkeeping kit may be available through the hockey club; please contact your club or team captain for further details.


Senior Membership £175

Full Time Students & Unemployed £87.50

Junior playing Senior hockey £100

Junior not playing Senior hockey £70

Non-Playing Members £40

Vice Presidents £40

Members who have not paid their annual subscriptions (at least in part) by 31 October will be ineligible for selection. Please see your club captain if you are unable to pay as arrangements for staged payments may be possible.

Match Fees

Seniors £12 / Juniors £7


The hockey club is only covered for public liability insurance so individuals are recommended to take out their own personal injury insurance. The hockey club is not responsible for any accidental injuries or consequential loss.

All coaches & umpires are strongly advised to take out their own third party insurance cover. All umpires and players must be registered with England Hockey.


All games will be played in accordance with the current rules of hockey. England Hockey rules on disciplinary procedures shall automatically apply.

Any player receiving a Red card will automatically be suspended for a minimum of 16 days (or 31 days if the offence involved any violence). The suspension applies to all hockey participation. Red cards are referred to the Herts County Hockey Association (HCHA) Discipline Officer for ratification. A longer suspension may be given, but never a shorter one.